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Effective from 1st June, we are excited to announce that LHM will be expanding its services by offering two additional Treatment Rooms for hire at our Harley Street location.

Treatment Room 1 is a spacious and well-equipped room that features a desk and chair for administrative tasks, as well as two comfortable guest chairs. The room is furnished with a treatment bed for client sessions, a sink for convenient access to water, and a TV screen to enhance the overall experience.

Treatment Room 2 provides a more intimate setting, ideal for focused treatments and consultations. It is equipped with a treatment bed and a sink, ensuring that practitioners have the necessary facilities to deliver their services effectively.

These newly available Treatment Rooms present an excellent opportunity for practitioners to expand their client base, enhance their services, and further establish their presence within our prestigious Harley Street location. Whether you are an established professional or a new practitioner looking for a professional and well-appointed space, these rooms provide the ideal environment to deliver exceptional care to your clients.

To inquire about availability and pricing for these Treatment Rooms, please contact our reception team, who will be delighted to provide you with further details and assist you in booking your preferred room.

2 Harley Street boasts from being in the heart of London's private medical area. LHM are based on the 4th floor at number 2 Harley Street. 

Talking Therapies

Room D: This cosy and comfortable space is perfect for both talking and physical therapies. It features comfortable reclining chairs, a desk and chair for administrative tasks, and a couch for relaxation and therapy sessions. With its warm ambiance, Room D creates a welcoming atmosphere for clients to engage in therapeutic processes. Practitioners will also have access to WiFi, ensuring seamless connectivity during their sessions.

Room E: Designed specifically for talking therapies, Room E offers a tranquil setting conducive to deep conversations and reflection. Furnished with a sofa, two therapy chairs, a desk, and three additional chairs, this room provides ample seating options for both practitioners and clients. WiFi connectivity is available to support any necessary online resources or communication needs.

Treatment Rooms

Treatment Room 1: This large and bright space is well-suited for a variety of therapeutic treatments. It features a comfortable couch for clients, a desk chair for practitioners, and additional chairs for consultation or group sessions. With its ample natural light and spacious layout, Treatment Room 1 creates a welcoming and relaxing environment for clients to receive their treatments.


Treatment Room 2: Ideal for massage and other therapeutic modalities, Treatment Room 2 offers a more intimate setting. While slightly smaller in size, it provides a comfortable and well-equipped space for practitioners to deliver their services effectively.

In all our rooms, practitioners will have access to WiFi, ensuring seamless connectivity for any digital requirements during sessions. The carefully curated furniture and layout in each room aim to promote a soothing and professional atmosphere for both practitioners and clients.

To inquire about availability and pricing for these rooms or to schedule a viewing, please contact our reception team. They will be delighted to provide further details, assist you in choosing the most suitable space for your practice, and ensure a smooth booking process.

We are pleased to offer additional amenities and services to enhance the experience of practitioners at LHM Harley Street. As part of our commitment to supporting your practice, we provide the following complimentary provisions:

  • Refreshments: Practitioners can enjoy complimentary refreshments during their sessions. We provide a selection of beverages to keep you refreshed and energised throughout the day. Whether you prefer coffee, tea, or water, we aim to ensure that you and your clients have access to beverages for your comfort and convenience.​

  • Couch Rolls and Tissues: To maintain a hygienic and comfortable environment, we supply couch rolls and tissues in each room. These essential items are readily available for practitioners to use during their treatments or therapy sessions. We strive to create a clean and professional space for both practitioners and clients.

  • WiFi: We understand the importance of seamless connectivity in today's digital world. To support your professional needs, we provide complimentary WiFi access in all our rooms. This allows you to easily connect to online resources, access client files, or utilise any necessary digital tools during your sessions.

  • These complimentary provisions are intended to enhance your overall experience at LHM Harley Street and ensure that you have everything you need to deliver your services effectively. We want to create a welcoming and supportive environment for both practitioners and clients alike.


Treatment Room 1 at LHM Harley Street offers a versatile space that can be seamlessly transformed into a training room, accommodating up to 20 people in a seated setting. The room is equipped with a large TV screen, making it ideal for presentations, workshops, seminars, and other training events.

The room provides a comfortable and conducive environment for both trainers and participants, ensuring a productive and engaging learning experience. The flexible seating arrangement allows for various training setups, such as theater-style seating or classroom-style with tables. The spaciousness of the room allows for easy movement and interaction during training sessions.

The large TV screen serves as a focal point for presentations, enabling trainers to showcase slideshows, videos, and other multimedia content. With high-quality display and audio capabilities, the screen ensures that all participants can clearly see and hear the training materials, fostering effective communication and knowledge sharing.

In addition to the training setup, the room retains its functionality as a treatment space, complete with a comfortable treatment bed, desk, and chairs. This means that the room can be utilised for both training and therapy purposes, providing flexibility and maximising the utilisation of the space.

Whether you are conducting a training session, hosting a workshop, or delivering a presentation, Treatment Room 1 offers a versatile and well-equipped setting to meet your training needs. Our team is dedicated to providing support and ensuring that your training event runs smoothly, from assisting with the setup to addressing any technical requirements.

If you have any specific requirements or additional requests, please let our reception team know, and we will do our best to accommodate your needs. Your comfort and satisfaction are our top priorities, and we strive to make your time at our facility as seamless and enjoyable as possible.

We look forward to welcoming you to LHM Harley Street and providing a nurturing and well-equipped space for your practice.

Our Rooms

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Treatment Room 1

Treatment Room 2

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Users who already have a weekly sessional booking may book extra "ad hoc" hours at £27 per hour (subject to availability). All room hire charges are fully inclusive. Charges are payable monthly in advance by standing order. A (returnable) security deposit of one month's room hire is required. Deposits given to secure a room booking are not refundable in the event of cancellation. Agreements are cancellable by one month's notice after the second completed month: i.e. minimum hire period is 3 months.

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