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Treatment Room 4

Grays Inn Road

Welcome to Treatment Room 4, situated on Grays Inn Road in Holborn.

This versatile space serves as both a training room and a treatment room. The building is CQC registered and conveniently positioned within a short walk from Chancery Lane tube station.

Discover Comfort and Flexibility in Treatment Room 4

Welcome to Treatment Room 4, your optimal sanctuary on Grays Inn Road in Holborn for focused treatments and consultations. This meticulously designed room is ideal for practitioners seeking a cozy and intimate environment to deliver their services effectively.

Features: Comfortable Ambiance: Treatment Room 4 provides a warm and inviting atmosphere, ensuring that both you and your clients feel at ease during your sessions. Amenities: This well-equipped room features a treatment bed, therapist chairs, and desks, offering essential facilities to deliver your services with confidence.

Flexible Pricing: Hourly Rate: £40 per Hour: Whether you require Treatment Room 4 for shorter timeframes or occasional use, our hourly rate of £40 provides the flexibility to book the room for the duration that suits your needs. This option is perfect for practitioners with varying schedules or those who prefer a more adaptable arrangement.


Sessional Booking: £400 per Month: For consistent and reliable access to Treatment Room 4, our sessional booking option offers a convenient and cost-effective solution. With this choice, you can secure a dedicated time slot for your practice, ensuring a dependable space is available to meet your clients' needs regularly.


We understand the importance of having the right environment to enhance your practice. Treatment Room 4 is designed to provide you with the comfort and flexibility you need to excel in your therapeutic work.

Ready to experience the warmth and versatility of Treatment Room 4?


Contact us today to book your space and embark on a journey of successful treatments and consultations in Holborn."


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