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Treatment Room 1


Treatment Room 1 is a spacious and well-equipped room that features a desk and chair for administrative tasks, as well as two comfortable guest chairs. The room is furnished with a treatment bed for client sessions, a sink for convenient access to water, and a TV screen to enhance the overall experience.

Hourly Rate: £40 per hourIf you require the Treatment Room for shorter periods or occasional use, our hourly rate of £40 provides you with the flexibility to book the room for the desired duration. This option is ideal for practitioners who have varying schedules or prefer a more flexible arrangement.

Sessional Booking: £400 per monthFor those who require more regular and consistent access to the Treatment Room, our sessional booking option offers a convenient and cost-effective solution. With a monthly fee of £400, you can secure a dedicated time slot for your practice, ensuring that you have a reliable space available to meet your clients' needs.


Session Pricing

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